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Barrydale's very own Annual Art Event ...

16-20 December 2020





                                                          Thanks recorded to Bess Möller-Greyling for Co-ordination and to Lemmy Davids for MAM2019's Map


#MAM2020 Montagu Art Meander



                                                               Montagu Art Meander



                                                              Currently profiles are hosted on Facebook with individual artists,

                                                              studios, projects and events showcased on that feed. Click the Facebook link for profiles or www.facebook.com/montaguartmeander


                                                              Please visit this page later for updates for the 2020 Open Arts week 16 - 20 December 2020



                                                              See you all here! For information contact Bess Möller-Greyling 072 147 6565 or Shane Petzer 079 318 4289