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#BAM ! 2021


Annual | Event | Happening in Barrydale ...

16-19 December 2021


BAM! (Barrydale Art Meander) is Barrydale's annual art's festival. BAM!2021 is a 4 day Open Art Studio's and Art Happenings Event! Attracting visitors and art lovers both near and far, to what is otherwise a slow paced, rural farm village on the edge of the Klein Karoo in the Western Cape, South Africa.


MagpieArtCollective pioneered the concept BAM! Annually BAM! serves as an overarching framework encompassing village artistic collaborations, events and happenings. This year's line up includes the MagpieArtCollective's annual art installation on the evening of December 16th on the grounds of the Magpie and RedFinMinnow Park, Laing Street, Barrydale. BAM! also produces as Open Art Studio Safari Map to enable visitors to find participating Artists profiled on the Meander. BAM!2021 includes a selection of Art and Maker's Studio and Creative Spaces to make up the Meander this year. A highlight this year being Graham Abbott's 2nd Analog Photographic Festival 10-20 Dec 2020 which includes exhibitions and workshops!


The Puppet Performance by Net Vir Pret : a youth development organisation, which has involved Handspring Puppet Trust, Ukwanda Puppet Collective, LOKO : Laboratory of Kinetic Objects (a project of UWC's Centre for Humanities Research Department) will showcase of 11 years of Parade and Puppet Performance Work.


Profiled Artists participating in BAM!2021 will open their Studios daily from 10am to 4pm


Covid19 Safety Standards are advised at all BAM!2021 Venues and Events! Be Safe, Enjoy and Experience Art in the Country! BAM!2021 Barrydale.

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