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Barrydale's very own Annual Art Event ...

16-20 December 2020

  BAM! 2020 BarrydaleArtMeander Open Studios | Events|Happenings  



  16 - 20 December 2020


* Barrydale Analog Photo Festival   (11-19 December)                                          


* Open Art Studios and Creative Spaces  (16-20 December - Open daily 10am - 4pm)                                


* MagpieArtCollective Christmas Tree Lighting        


  SWITCH ON : 8:15pm                


  Magpie RedFin Minnow Park

  Laing Street (next to KleinHuisRivier)

  (Installation Open to the Public from Dec 16)



* Net Vir Pret Puppet Performances

  "Reboot Eden"

  Online Showcasing on NetVirPret and Centre for Humanities Platforms

  Celebration of 10 Years of Puppetry and Performance

  Analog tasters will be showcased through the streets of Barrydale during BAM


* Barrydale Prayer Flags of Hope

  a Project showcasing 944 Prayer Flags

  of Hope #BarrydalePrayerFlagsofHope


INFORMATION : Shane +27 79 318 4289 or E : [email protected]


Please follow www.facebook.com/barrydaleartmeander for daily updates